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A woven label immediately adds value to your product.

Do you ever think about what a woven label is used for? Not only a label to brand clothing but also in a shoe, on a mattress or blanket, on a chair or sofa ......... If you pay attention to it, you will be amazed. No brand without a woven label. No sender without a woven label.

What’s your woven label for?

Woven labels are available in various qualities and sizes. That is why you need to know how you want to use them. If you're going to stitch or iron on the label, does it have to show your image or is it purely functional to know the fabric composition and washing instructions. Do you actually know the difference between a woven label and a printed label?

Nominette makes woven labels for everyone's wallet. If you want to brand your homemade items you can easily start with woven name labels. If you become even more professional, we offer you our clothing labels as an alternative or even better a label with your own logo.

First you need to know what your budget is and for what you want to use them. After that you can choose:

  • Sew in label
  • Iron on label
  • Clothing label (only standardfonts)
  • Label with logo
Nominette has been making high quality clothing labels in Europe since 1920. Thousands of customers love our products!
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