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Name labels for clothes: Up to 40% discount!

With our high quality name labels for clothes you keep track of your child’s gear or your own textile items. The name tags for clothes are designed to stand up to washing machines. Without worries you can wash your clothes with labels. Just like any other fabric item. Our name labels for clothes are wear-resistant and durable. You can use them for stuffed animals, hand-me-downs and even – especially – for self made items. Buy them here.

Ultra-customizable name tags for clothes

Our name labels for clothes are extremely and ultra-customizable. Choose your favourite characters and color as an easy solution to keeping track of your own or your loved one’s garment. Whether you have multiple kids or none, but just because you like to make as many clothes as you can. As a self made designer it’s convenient to get organised and be loved over your outfits. Make them extra special with name tags for clothes.

Name labels for clothes: start designing

Design your own name labels for clothes and decide what will appear on them. Designing them is very easy. Make use of these steps:

  • Step 1 Choose the font Choose one of the 5 fonts for your custom name labels for clothing: Kristen, Halo Handwriting, Jokerman, Helvetica, Portago
  • Step 2: Type of name labels for clothes There are two types of name tags for clothing. You can choose for a label tag with an endfold or a label tag with a middlefold. There are four design options for each type. So you can make your own labels exactly the way you want them!
  • Step 3: Content on the name labels for clothes If you have chosen a type of clothing label, you can continue with the content. What do you want on it? Depending on the type of label tag you have chosen, you can enter the text. For custom clothing labels with an endfold, this differs from one to three lines of text. For clothing labels with a middlefold, you can fold the label halfway. On the left side of the design, 1-3 lines of text can be placed. It’s also possible to place 5 lines of text on the right side of the design of your name labels for clothes.
  • Step 4: washing symbols The next step in this label maker online tool is to add the washing instructions in the correct order. This is only possible with name labels for clothes with a centre fold. You must add 5 washing symbols on the name tags for clothes in the correct order. Simply choose which ones apply to the fabric composition of your garment.
  • Step 5: Colour of the clothing label Choose the colour of the background of your name labels for clothes.
  • Step 6: Colour of the text You are able to choose out of 15+ colours. Which colour would you choose for your name labels for clothes? Suggestion: keep in mind the colour contrast!

Really, it’s that easy to create your own name tags for clothes. And, when you make use of your own name labels for clothes you know:

  • That nobody has the same name tags for clothes
  • Your fabric creations are easy recognisable
  • You can play with colors and characters

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