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Clothing labels

Everyone knows them, clothing labels on the inside of a garment. A label represents your brand and contains extra information about the materials used and washing instructions. Depending on how the label will be stitched in, choose a label with end or midfold. Labels with an end fold are particularly suitable to stitch into the back of a garment. You are able to put a number of lines or text in it. For example your company name or slogan. It is also possible to label your kids' clothes with his or her name. The labels for clothing or garment you can order here have a 25mm width. But often a name label instead of a clothing label is chosen for the latter purpose.

Label clothing yourself: easy to design

Are you looking for clothing labels where you decide yourself what will appear on them? Then you are at the right place with Nominette. You can easily design clothing labels yourself. The clothing labels are woven of the best quality recycled polyester yarns. Designing a textile label works as follows.

Step 1: Choose a font that fits the clothing.

Choose one of the 5 following standardfonts:

  • Kristen
  • Halo Handwriting
  • Jokerman
  • Helvetica
  • Portago

Step 2: Type of clothing label

There are two types of labels for clothing, a label with an endfold or a label with a middlefold. There are four design options for each type. So you can label your clothes exactly the way you want them!

Step 3: Content on the clothing label

If you have chosen a type of clothing label, you can continue with the content. What do you want on it? Depending on the type of label you have chosen, you can enter the text. For clothing labels with an endfold, this differs from one to three lines of text. For clothing labels with a middlefold, you can fold the label halfway. On the left side of the design, 1-3 lines of text can be placed. Then it is also possible to place 5 lines of text on the right side of the design.

Step 4: washing symbols

The next step is to add the washing instructions in the correct order. This is only possible with clothinglabels with a centre fold. You must add 5 washing symbols in the correct order. Simply choose which ones apply to the fabric composition of your garment.

Step 5: Colour of the clothing label

Choose the colour of the background of your clothing label.

Step 6: Colour of the text

You are able to choose out of 15+ colours. Suggestion: keep in mind the colour contrast!

Once you have completed these steps, you have successfully designed your own labels. Now the only things which you have to do is choose the quantity to purchase. Once you have made your choice, you can order the clothing labels. That's how easy it is to buy made-to-measure clothing labels at Nominette. Are you still looking for labels with your own logo? Then you've come to the right place. You can also contact us for the following types of labels:

  • Sew-in labels
  • Iron-on labels
  • Name tapes
  • Namelabels
  • Woven labels
  • Garmentlabels

At Nominette you can design and order various types of labels for a competitive price!

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