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Kids clothing labels: Next day shipping!

Labels for little ones. We can’t get enough of it. Maybe because we know your kid will grow when they wear selfmade outfits with special kids clothing labels. Stop with ordering sticky labels, just choose the more aesthetic version: kids cloth labels. Like kids clothing labels for school or other moments you think kids clothing labels will add value. Think of labelling kids clothes for preschool for instance. We allow you to customize not only the font and name displayed. You can also make your kids clothing labels extra special with different colors for the text and the background.

Kids school clothes labels

Kids school clothes labels have a high-quality appeal. But it’s not only the attraction of kids clothing labels what makes our labels popular. It’s also the opportunity to add something personal to the outfit you bought in store or made by yourself. Look for your options for kids cloth labels in our handy design tool and start creating. This level of customizing is unique. You immediately see what you create in our display. How nice is that? Design your own kids clothing labels to complete the outfit of your baby. With their name woven on to, narrow ribbon-style kids cloth labels they will feel extraordinary.

Start making name labels for kids clothes

Use our online design tool and start creating some kids clothing labels for school. Just follow these steps:

  • Step 1 Choose the font for kids clothing labels Choose one of the 5 fonts for your kids cloth labels: Kristen, Halo Handwriting, Jokerman, Helvetica, Portago
  • Step 2: Type of kids clothing labels There are two types of kids clothing labels, a label tag with an end fold or a label tag with a middle fold. There are four design options for each type. So you can make your own labels exactly the way you want them!
  • Step 3: Content on kids clothing labels If you have chosen a type of kids cloth labels you can continue with the content. What do you want on it? Depending on the type of label tag you have chosen, you can enter the text. For kids clothing labels for school with an end fold, this differs from one to three lines of text. For kids clothing labels with a middle fold, you can fold the label halfway. On the left side of the design, 1-3 lines of text can be placed. It’s also possible to create name labels for kids clothes with a 5 lined text on the right side of your design.
  • Step 4: washing symbols The next step in this online fabric labels tool is to add the washing instructions in the correct order. This is only possible with name labels for kids clothes with a centre fold. You must add 5 washing symbols on the label tag in the correct order. Simply choose which ones apply to the fabric composition of your garment.
  • Step 5: Colour of your custom kids clothing labels Choose the colour of the background of your personalized kids clothing labels.
  • Step 6: Colour of the text You can choose out of 15+ colours. Which colour would you choose for your kids clothing labels labels? Suggestion: keep in mind the colour contrast!

Everyone know somebody who is constantly tormented by itchy labels in sweaters and shirts. Sometimes the shirts will be ruined with some over-zealous tag removal. Yep. We know the feeling. That’s why we only offer kids clothing labels with itch free comfort. How does that sound? Your personalized kids clothing labels is just a few mouse clicks away. Order kids clothing labels and let your children feel unique with handmade outfits with a personal touch. It’s all in the details

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