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Custom made fabric labels: Order 100 pieces for £ 40.00

It’s time to fancy up your clothes. Ever thought that custom made fabric labels can make a difference for your outfits? Well, they do. Just remember that all of today’s iconic brands got their start somewhere. So, start designing and create your own fabric labels UK to get yourself a kickstart in fashion. The best labelling options on the market you can find at Nominette.

If you want to give a personal touch to clothes of wholesale suppliers or if you want to create a professional look for you selfdesigned items, you can make fabric labels with our online labelmaker. How much fun is that! We only work with the best certified yarns. Therefore we can say our fabric labels are the best in terms of:

    • Quality
    • Versatility
    • Customization
    • Durability

Create fabric labels with our plug and play design tool

The personalisation options in our online design tool to create fabric labels are extended. We allow you to plug and play, so you can see exactly what your fabric labels will look like when they arrive. This means no guesswork or hoping that your custom made fabric labels come out the way you want them to. So, let’s start.

        • Step 1 Choose the font Choose one of the 5 fonts for your custom made clothing labels: Kristen, Halo Handwriting, Jokerman, Helvetica, Portago
        • Step 2: Type of custom made fabric labels There are two types of fabric labels uk, a label tag with an end fold or a label tag with a middle fold. There are four design options for each type. So you can make your own labels exactly the way you want them!
        • Step 3: Content on the fabric labels If you have chosen a type of custom made fabric labels you can continue with the content. What do you want on it? Depending on the type of label tag you have chosen, you can enter the text. For fabric labels UK with an end fold, this differs from one to three lines of text. For fabric labels with a middle fold, you can fold the label halfway. On the left side of the design, 1-3 lines of text can be placed. It’s also possible to create custom made fabric labels with a 5 lined text on the right side of your design.
        • Step 4: washing symbols The next step in this online fabric labels tool is to add the washing instructions in the correct order. This is only possible with custom made fabric labels with a centre fold. You must add 5 washing symbols on the label tag in the correct order. Simply choose which ones apply to the fabric composition of your garment.
        • Step 5: Colour of your custom made fabric labels Choose the colour of the background of your fabric label.
        • Step 6: Colour of the text You can choose out of 15+ colours. Which colour would you choose for your custom made fabric labels? Suggestion: keep in mind the colour contrast!

Your interior accessories such as decorative cushions and plaids, your textile purses, your bed linen and your own outfits. Non of these products did ever look that sophisticated. With your custom made fabric labels your fabric items look like the straight came out of the last issue of a fashion magazine.

Order your own designed clothing labels

Place your order after you’re happy with your own designed fabric labels. How larger the number of labels, the bigger the discount. Now, that’s something to look forward too!

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