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Custom clothing labels: Order from £ 40,51

Provide your unique and handmade items with custom clothing labels. This is the way to make your own creations magical and meaningful. And even more important: you give a personal touch to your designs and existing items, such as plain hats, scarves, gloves, but also to school supplies, such as bags and pencil cases. What are you waiting for? Start designing custom fabric labels for clothing and other things and become the designer you always wanted to be.

Custom name labels for clothing made with love. That’s how it is when you provide your handmade items with custom cotton clothing labels. Sometimes even literally. You can design custom clothing labels with your own texts. Like ‘Made with love’ or something completely different. Be bold and put a funny short sentence on the label. Or just promote yourself by adding your brand name to the custom clothing labels.

How to make custom clothing labels?

Designing custom clothing labels is not that difficult as you may think. We will help you if you have a question like how to make custom clothing labels. You can easily use of our configurator to design custom clothing labels. Create them they way you want. Maybe you need custom fabric labels for a finished look or to look extra sophisticated. That’s the strength and the beauty of a custom clothing label. You make them for a moment you create. Design your custom clothing labels for your exact needs and personalize them.

Start designing your custom clothing labels small quantity

it’s possible to buy just 100 pieces of custom clothing labels. Perfect when you want just a small order. Discover how vivid the colours and the material are. Start designing your custom clothing labels here.

  • Step 1 Choose the font Choose one of the 5 fonts for your custom name labels for clothing: Kristen, Halo Handwriting, Jokerman, Helvetica, Portago
  • Step 2: Type of clothing label There are two types of labels for clothing, a label tag with an endfold or a label tag with a middlefold. There are four design options for each type. So you can make your own labels exactly the way you want them!
  • Step 3: Content on the custom name labels for clothing If you have chosen a type of clothing label, you can continue with the content. What do you want on it? Depending on the type of label tag you have chosen, you can enter the text. For custom clothing labels with an endfold, this differs from one to three lines of text. For clothing labels with a middlefold, you can fold the label halfway. On the left side of the design, 1-3 lines of text can be placed. Then it is also possible in this online custom name labels for clothing machine to place 5 lines of text on the right side of the design.
  • Step 4: washing symbols The next step in this label maker online is to add the washing instructions in the correct order. This is only possible with custom clothing labels with a centre fold. You must add 5 washing symbols on the label tag in the correct order. Simply choose which ones apply to the fabric composition of your garment.
  • Step 5: Colour of the clothing label Choose the colour of the background of your clothing label.
  • Step 6: Colour of the text You are able to choose out of 15+ colours. Which colour would you choose for your custom clothing labels? Suggestion: keep in mind the colour contrast!

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