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Order wristbands or festival wristbands: 

Design your own wristbands

Wristbands are a popular choice for festivals and parties. Are you looking for a wristband for a mini festival, concert or other event? Then you have come to the right place. On Nominette's webshop you are able to design personalized wristbands. Easy and within max. 4 workingdays.

A wristband is an indispensable part of events such as a festival or wedding. It can be very helpful for the organisation, but also for the visitor. Many festivalvisitors continue to wear the wristband for years as a nice souvenir. A wristband of someone's favourite event can quickly become a collector's item. There are different types of wristbands. They consist of various materials. Nominette only produces wristbands made of woven textileribbon. You can slide the plastic closure around the wristband. Choose white or black, to match the colours you have chosen for the wristband. The closures are delivered separately unless you specifically indicate that you want to receive them attached with additional costs. The wristband is 32 cm long and your text is on it once, in the middle. They are always 14mm or 25mm wide. You can put your own logo on a 25mm wide wristband!

Festival bands with your own text!

A festival wristband with text is ideal as an entrance ticket, age verification or as a marketing item. The text is woven into it just like washing labels, for example. The text or logo is woven into the ribbon so the text is always clearly visible. Follow the steps and design your own festivalband.

  • Step 1: Choose a type of wristband. You can choose a wristband of 14mm or 25mm width. With a wristband of 14mm wide you only can put text on it. You are only able to place your own logo on a 25mm wristband.
  • Step 2: Choose a font or a logo. If you choose a 14mm wristband. Then you have twelve different styleoptions. Besides the font, you can also choose the number of lines. If you have chosen a 25mm wristband, step 2 is to choose a logo.
  • Step 3: Text on wristband or type of closure. If you have chosen a 14mm wristband, you write the text on the wristband here. If you have chosen a 25mm wristband, you choose the color of the closure in this step.
  • Step 4: For a 14mm wristband: Choosing one or more symbols. If you have chosen a 14mm wristband, you can choose a symbol on both sides of the text on the festival bands. You can choose out of 80 symbols. With a 25mm wristband with logo you can't choose a symbol and step 4 is already choosing the color of the wristband.
  • Step 5: Colour of the band. Choose the colour of the wristband. Think about the color of the text on the wristband as well. Make sure that the colours 'match' well with each other and have enough contrast.
  • Step 6: Colour of the text. See also the remark under step 5.
  • Step 7: Choose attach closures yes or no
  • Step 8: Choose the quantity. How many do you need? The higher the number, the higher the discount! Once you have followed the steps, you have successfully designed your wristbands.

Having a party soon? Whether it's a sweet sixteen party, a festival or a wedding, our wristbands will complete your event!

Textile wristbands: different purposes

A strap around your wrist from the same event can create a real bond among the visitors. They are handy and recognisable. This way, they can not only be used to access the party, but also to differentiate between certain visitors. Think of distinguishing VIP visitors, indicating the agedifference or indicating who is allowed to use a certain service.

A wristband or festival bracelet is therefore ideal for your event. See also the SOS bracelet for children. This kids-id bracelet is ideal for recording important data when your little boy or girl goes somewhere. At Nominette you'll find everything in the field of labels: from sewing labels and clothing labels to sizelabels and festival bands!

p.s. you have to close the metal closure of a concert band with a plier. We only supply the closures, not the plier.

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