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Sewing labels: order from £ 14.90

Sewing labels make your clothes look better. With these labels you give extra value to your textile products. Like clothes. But also to purses, pencil cases and other items made from fabric. Are you ready for a big change? Order our sewing labels and make them your own! You can create them however you like. With symbols for instead, with your name or with a lovely message to inspire, endear or to make someone laugh. Be creative and create your own sewing labels the way you like it to give something extra to your self made items.


Our sewing labels, but your own design product. At Nominette you are able to give a twist to our sewing labels. Make it your own with our configurator. This handy tool gives you the opportunity to write, style and create. Compose your own sewing labels with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Choose a letter fond for your sewing labels. Depending of the size of your fabric items you choose a label with a heigh of 10 or 14 mm. Then you select your favourite fond for the text of your choice.
  • Step 2: Type your text. In this step you come up with a text for your sewing labels. Be as creative as you can be or just keep it simple and fill in your (brand) name.
  • Step 3. Choose a symbol for your sewing labels. In this step you can place a symbol on both the right and left side. You can choose out of 100 symbols. We think there's definitely something that suits your taste.
  • Step 4. Choose a background. In this step you choose a background for your sewing labels. Get peoples attention and choose an eye-catching colour or keep it simple a keep the background light.
  • Step 5. Text colour options. Keep in mind you choose a colour that complements the background.
  • Step 6. (Other option) 1 set of 5 fixed colour combinations. If you choose this option you will get 1 set with 5 colour combinations. So instead of 1 picked colour combination for 100 pieces of sewing labels you will get 5 x 20 pieces in different colours o a light or dark background.

At the end you can place your order. The only thing you have to do now is determine how many sewing labels you want to order. You will get extra discount if you order more sewing labels.

100 pieces 200 pieces (10% discount) 300 pieces (10% discount) 400 pieces (15% discount)
500 pieces (15% discount) 600 pieces (20% discount) 700 pieces (20% discount) x1000 pieces (25% discount)

How special would it be when people turn their heads to look at your own created outfit. The will want know where it is from. That’s makes sense. Because with our sewing labels you take clothing to the next level. Draw peoples attention to your items with your own design sewing labels. Design? O yes. At the end, you create your sewing labels yourself.

Make your own sewing labels. It’s easy, concrete and very explicit. Personalize our sewing labels for more attention and better looking clothes.

Nominette has been making high quality clothing labels in Europe since 1920. Thousands of customers love our products!
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